St. Gabriel installing splash pads at three city parks

Andrew Green
The concrete foundation is already installed at the Sunshine Park in St. Gabriel for a new splash pad.

Summer is just around the corner, and St. Gabriel will hope to have three brand new splash pads installed at all three of its city parks.

Splash pads are currently being built and installed at Bayou Paul, Sunshine and Carville Parks.  The concrete foundation is already built at Sunshine park, and the piping and plumbing is currently being installed at Bayou Paul and Carville.  The expected completion date for all three locations is June 1, 2017, around the time Iberville’s students begin summer break, according to Mayor Lionel Johnson.

“That’s our target date, but of course we always prepare for rain and any delay,” Johnson said.  

Johnson plans to add a splash pad to Williams St. Park, but is currently in negotiations with the parish before the park gets officially transferred from the parish to the city.

“I want our parks to have the same amenities,” Johnson said.

In March, IPRD conducted public surveys at each Iberville Parish municipality, but Johnson said the splash pad construction was already in the works before the public meetings were held.

The Parish Council hired Duplantis Design Group (DDG) to evaluate the Iberville Parks and Recreation System, study all of the current park amenities and determine how to improve upon them in each of the Iberville municipalities, including St. Gabriel.

“Overall, this provides us a look into the future of Iberville Parish parks,” IPRD Director Mike Markins said at the St. Gabriel March meeting.  “It takes a lot of money to maintain our parks and doing this will give us a sight into the future.”

The meetings were held throughout the parish during the month of March, and the results and guidance plans are expected to be released by DDG and IPRD by June 2017.

“I’m curious to see what those meetings yield as far as the east side,” Johnson said.  “We’ve already as a city started with the walking trail on the levee.  And no disrespect to any other municipality in the parish, but we are ahead of the game as far as the recreational stuff.”