Stassi: 'One of the most brutal attacks I've ever seen where the victim survived'

Andrew Green
Joshua Penny, 33, of Golden Meadow

Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi reports that Joshua Penny, 33, of 114 Gaspard Lane, Golden Meadow, was arrested for first degree rape, domestic abuse and false imprisonment after reportedly taking a woman against her will and holding her captive for 24-30 hours.

During this time, Penny violently and repeatedly assaulted her, according to reports.This occurred in a rural area in north Iberville, according to Stassi.

“This is one of the most brutal attacks I’ve seen where the victim survived,” Stassi said.  “He did some pretty horrible things to her.”

According to a WBRZ report, Penny went with his victim to check himself into a mental hospital.  He was arrested Friday after leaving the hospital by East Baton Rouge deputies as a fugitive.

According to reports, Penny spoke to his family members while he was holding his victim hostage and she and the family members persuaded him to seek help at the mental hospital.

The WBRZ report also states that the victim’s injuries were discovered at the hospital and she received treatment and a rape exam in Baton Rouge and some time had passed before Iberville deputies were informed of the incident.

The victim is in ICU recovering from her injuries.