Plaquemine Board of Selectmen hold regular meeting

Logan Ridenour
Plaquemine Board of Selectmen and Mayor Edwin Reeves honor Captain Steve Bezet for his service to the Plaquemine Police Department.

The Plaquemine Board of Selectmen held their regular meeting on August 13. Most notably among

agenda items was their recognition of Captain Steve Bezet's retirement with the Plaquemine Police


Capt. Bezet provided 28 years of service with the police department. Prior to his time in Plaquemine,

he served in the military. “I came here 28 years ago. I was 28 years old and just out of the Navy,” said Bezet.

And although he's looking forward to retirement, Bezet says he enjoyed working for the city. “I will

miss the people I've worked with,” he said.

The Board of Selectmen also voted in favor of granting a Class D Alcohol Beverage Permit for Lisa

Verrett-Brooks. She is the owner of Delight Gift Shop. Patrons can now look forward to additional

items in their gift baskets.

They also adopted a resolution declaring an emergency for repairs to the lift station on West West

Harleaux Street.

The board also voted in favor of allowing Mayor Edwin Reeves to negotiate with Kyle Adam for the

purchase of the old college on Highway One. He says it is an old college with the potential for someone to purchase at a good price.

Notably among committee reports, Fire Chief Darren Rodriguez announced that he will represent at the Louisiana Fire Chiefs Association in regards to a program offered to volunteer firefighters. This

program provides educational reimbursement. Although it was already passed, it has only recently been funded.

In the finance report, it was stated that sales tax is currently 15 percent above budget. And although

most items are within budget, the sewer department is at a $50,000 dollar loss.