City imposes skeleton crew for daily operations

John Dupont

The City of Plaquemine has managed to trudge along during the “shelter in place” program Gov. John Bel Edwards imposed March 23, but operations have been pared down for precautionary measures, Mayor Ed Reeves said.

Operations at City Hall have been reduced to a skeleton crew, a plan that will remain in effect until at least the end of the month.

He made his comments Monday, just days after the first COVID-19 death in city limits came last week on W.W. Harleaux Street.

Two deaths had been reported in the parish, as of Tuesday, according to the Louisiana Department of Public Health.

The scale-down in operations has also meant that Reeves and Public Works Director Richard Alleman have had to take on an extra duty.

We’ve been cutting grass,” Reeves said. “We can’t afford to get behind, so we’re trying to keep up with it.”

The shutdown of businesses – including lounges, restaurants and other operations – poses a bigger concern.

Others have closed shop due to a huge drop in customers since the push for social distancing and staying at home.

We’re hoping they come back,” he said. “Aside from the wellbeing of our residents, that’s one of our biggest worries. It’s never good when you’re businesses.”