Iberville inmate tests positive for COVID-19

From Staff Reports
Plaquemine Post South

Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi reports that an inmate who was house at the Iberville Parish Jail has tested positive for COVID-19. Following guidelines set forth by the State of Louisiana, that inmate has been transported to Camp J at Angola State Penitentiary, where inmates with COVID-19 are being isolated form other inmates.

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Stassi implemented a protocol for the jail in order to limit the impact of the virus entering the jail. The protocol includes:

  • taking the temperature of every inmate daily
  • screening and taking the temperature of every employee at the start of their shift
  • suspension of all visitation, and screening of vendors required to enter the jail
  • more frequent sanitation of the jail
  • inmates are quarantined to their assigned line and not allowed in common areas

Despite these steps, an inmate has tested positive, Stassi said. "On March 28, during a routine screening, an inmate presented with a fever," he said. "He was immediately tested for COVID-19 and placed in quarantine pending the test results. Today, we received a positive confirmation, and the inmate was transported out of our jail to the inmate COVID-19 ward at Angola. His symptoms are asymptomatic and his fever seceded two days after the initial finding. We will continue the same protocol we have in place, which is extensive and includes daily fever checks of inmates and everyone entering the jail, and we hope this is an isolated incident."