BBB warns about door-to-door solicitors

Staff Reports
Plaquemine Post South

Your Better Business Bureau of South Central Louisiana has been getting a number of calls recently about people traveling door-to-door trying to sell something or offer a service.

Right now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, almost everyone is living and working from home. And while some scammers are looking online for their next victims, others may even be at your front door.

Understand that if someone is offering you something at your door, they must have a permit. And because there is a ‘Stay at Home’ order in effect throughout Louisiana at this time, the BBB believes going door-to-door right now is illegal.

The BBB urges people to be on the lookout for problematic sales pitches and to have a plan in place when you hear that knock: 

  • Make sure they have a permit.
  • Check their ID: Look for a business card and look at their license.
  • Verify the individual and the company: Call the company directly, or contact the BBB and we can look up to see if the business is legitimate.
  • Read the contract closely: If you’re interested, get all the conditions in writing.
  • Don’t give in to pressure.
  • Do the Math: Costs and subscriptions can add up. Make sure you can afford it.
  • STAND STRONG: You have the right to tell that person to leave. If they don’t, tell them you are calling the police.