Upgrades under way at Plaquemine parks

John Dupont
Crews work to demolish the old bathroom facilities at Fort Area Park.

Work is under way on improvements that should be ready just in time for summer activity at three Plaquemine parks.

Crews are working on restrooms at Fort Area Park, North Plaquemine Park and Herman Graham Park as part of the project.

The restroom buildings will include separate facilities for men and women.

An old restroom building at Herman Graham Park had been closed because of its dilapidated condition. A new restroom will be constructed at that site.

The construction of restroom facilities is a continuation of improvements at all city parks initiated under Mayor Edwin “Ed” Reeves Jr. and the Board of Selectmen, which also included extensive upgrades at City Park in 2017.

The City was awarded the prestigious state Community Achievement Award by the Louisiana Municipal Association for that project.

Improvements have continued with new playgrounds, new basketball courts, landscaping and walkways at both the North Plaquemine Park and Herman Graham Park. In addition, Reeves negotiated the purchase of the property for the Fort Area Park in 2018. Since that time the site was cleared of scrub trees and the land leveled and fencing and a playground area was added. Work on the Fort Area Park now underway includes a basketball court and restroom building.

“We have made a significant investment in improving all our parks in the last three years in hopes that residents will get outdoors and enjoy these recreational facilities,” Mayor Reeves said. “Our facilities are now among the best in this region.

“We also have obtained more than $1.1 million in grant funds to build a levee-top walking and biking trail on the Mississippi River levee but are still awaiting one final agency approval to begin work. We are ready and anxious to begin,” he said. Hopefully, we can go out for bid on the first phase of that project this summer.”