Storm Drains get clean out

Staff Reports
Mayor Ed Reeves, Jr., in white shirt, checks progress on a storm drain clean-out underway. The men in yellow shirts are with Atakapa Services, the vacumn truck company working on the clean-out.

After last week's heavy rains, Mayor Edwin “Ed” Reeves, Jr. called in a contractor with a vacumn truck to check the storm drains in various areas of the city that experienced higher water levels in the streets. The city got more than 7 inches of rain in less than 24 hours, which is hard for any drainage system to handle.

However, in an effort to prevent drainage problems in the upcoming hurricane season, the storm drains are being checked and, if necessary, cleaned of debris and tree roots in numerous areas throughout the city. The areas include, but are not limited to, Canal St., Desobry, the Fort area, Jumonville Subdivision area, and north Plaquemine. This work is expected to take several weeks. Shown are scenes from clean-outs underway this week.

Residents are reminded that litter flows into the storm drain system during rains, and becomes obstacles that can significantly slow drainage. The litter that makes its way through the storm drain system flows into Bayou Plaquemine, then littering our beautiful waterway. Please don't litter.