Reeves says he regrets losing cool, denies use of 'N' word

Staff Report

Plaquemine Mayor Ed Reeves recently apologized for his verbal tirade against a delivery driver during a flood event last week and has denied a report from city police that he made racial slurs.

Plaquemine Mayor Ed Reeves

The incident occurred on the night of Wednesday, July 15, when the city received more than 5 inches of rain in 90 minutes.

The issue with the UPS drivers began when Reeves received reports that the delivery trucks drove at speeds to splash floodwaters at homes through a neighborhood in Belleview Subdivision.

He told Post/South he had received complaints from residents that the trucks had splashed water at their homes.

“We got to the corner of Birch and Sherwood, and a driver came along Holly Drive, and the wheel-wash was to the top of his truck,” Reeves said.

Video show him screaming “I’m going to have you’re a** arrested.” He admitted that he said. “I will pull your Black a** out of your truck.”

A police report surfaced that UPS drivers alleged he used the “N” word, but Reeves denied it.

“I’ll admit that I lost my cool, but that’s one of the worst flood areas in our city, and I’m very passionate about the wellbeing of our residents,” he said. “But I never used the “N” word.”

Reeves told Post/South he arranged for a meeting with the UPS driver. The parties resolved their difference.

The mayor said he does not use the “N” word.

He told a TV reporter he posted a video in which he apologized for the incident, but later took it down for the sake of the “healing process.”

The mayor apologized on Facebook, to his staff and on TV.

Reeves said the driver did not plan on pressing charges, and that he did not plan to take action against the driver.