Plaquemine Garden Club honors monthly winner

Submitted by Melissa Cain and Linda Drain

As the heat of summer takes its toll on our landscaping, there is a home at 58350 Bayou Rd., owned by Rita Lynn and Jackie Jackson, that still is filled with the beauty of spring.

The yard at 58350 Bayou Rd. still is filled with the beauty of spring.

The front yard is manicured and shows well with pink and white Crepe Myrtles, pink Drift roses, purple lirlope line in the flower beds, pink INdian Hawthorne, white Spirea, pink Susanqua, native pink Hydrangeas in the flower bed, an orange tree and pits full of purple Wandering Jew, variegated Agapanthus and Flame.

The beautiful variety continues with the blending of plants of the front yard to the back. Found in both yards are Indian Hawthorne, Sego Palms, Live Oaks and blu Agapanthus.

A feeling of peace and serenity envelops you as you enter the back yard. Many family havens are found in back yards and are never seen or enjoyed by others. This is truly a haven. It is an absolute paradise when you venture to the bank of the bayou. There are so many plants and blooms everywhere. The flora of Louisiana is alive and thriving here. Everything blends beautifully with the bayou, statues, baskets, brid baths and back porch as you follow the walkway from the porch o the bayou. Such a serene and welcoming sight that engulfs our Louisiana heritage.

As you walk along the bayou and up the walkway, you will enjoy Louisiana Yellow Iris, Dianthus pots with white Vinca and red Penta, fuchsia Crepe Myrtles, purple Mexican Heather, pink Impatients and Creeping Jenny in large hanging baskets in the oak trees, orange Drift roses, variegated Hydrangea, Louisiana blur Iris, Hosta, Golden Lantana, pink knockout roses, elephant ears (which the owner got in the bayou by herself to plant.), Stella d'Ora lilies, Little Princess pink Spirea, pink Indigo and blue Society Garlic. There's more: Bold Cypress line the bank, large purple Lantana pot as well as white Lantana, Butterfly Iris, African white iris and a gorgeous pink Bougainvillea. There is a purple wisteria, Asian eggplant colored wisteria and, at the corner of the house, there's a red weeping bottle brush. You are welcomed to the porch by Asparagus Fern and other named plants.

That's not all. Inside a picket fence you will find tomatoes, green peppers, basil and cucumbers ready for the kitchen.

I can't imagine this yard being any more beautiful at the peak of the season than it is now. Truly a feeling of being "one with nature" prevails.