Third grader says thanks to linemen

Staff Report
Caroline Doyle and Plaquemine Mayor Ed Reeves.

Caroline Doyle, a local St. John third grader, decided that Plaquemine's electrical linemen needed a special "thank you" for their hard work in frigid weather conditions. So, she hand-made personal thank you cards for the linemen.

Caroline, the daughter of Daniel Doyle and Ashley Bolotte, said, "When we lost power and were driving to my grandparents' house to stay warm, I saw the linemen working in the cold. I thought if they could do that for us to get power back on, then I could do something for them. I like doing nice things for people and helping people."

She and her grandmother, Kathleen Doyle, delivered the cards to Mayor Ed Reeves, Jr. last weekend when he was working in his yard, and he delivered them to Travis Bourgoyne, Utility Director.

The thank you was certainly deserved. Bourgoyne and six linemen worked at total of 266 hours over 2.5 days in sleet and frigid temperatures to get all electrical power back up in the city.

"I thought it was the nicest thing for her to do," said Mayor Reeves. "And Caroline - the linemen loved the cards!"