More rain, more flood concerns

Staff Report

An additional five inches of rain over a six-hour span Sunday exacerbated efforts to ease previous flood issues across Iberville Parish.

A photo provided Sunday by a resident in St. Gabriel’s Spanish Lake Subdivision shows the additional water the flood-weary area received during a daytime rain Sunday. Plaquemine and the Bayou Sorrel/Bayou Pigeon areas also sustained flood issues from the heavy rains Sunday.

East Iberville, Plaquemine and the bayou areas on the southwest end the parish once again bore the brunt of the heavy rainfall.

The rainfall forced a close in the cut at Alligator Bayou Road in Ascension Parish to alleviate high water during the downpour.

Gates at Bayou Manchac closed around 2 p.m.

“We had a setback,” Iberville Parish President Mitchell Ourso said Monday. “Bayou Manchac is still a little high right now, and I think it’s almost peaked, but I think it may go down shortly and maybe by this afternoon or tomorrow we can open it again and let it go away.”

Subdivisions in St. Gabriel, who have been battling flood issues for more than three weeks, once again resorted to use of sandbags to help prevent another seepage of into homes that would add insult to injury after the May flood event.

The issues also brought frustration to Plaquemine Mayor Ed Reeves, whose city frequently battles flood issues, even during an afternoon shower.

“We have three canals that drain the city, and I wish they would’ve gone through Bayou Plaquemine instead,” he said.

Much of the water flows through canals along Belleview Road to an area near the Carl F. Grant Civic Center.

The flooding came as Reeves and the Board of Selectmen work toward projects to improve water and sewer operations for the city.

The drainage issues will need to be addressed very soon, he said.

“We can’t continue like this,” Reeves said. “I’m going to see what programs are available to work on this.”

He said he intends to move forward without asking city residents to absorb an additional tax to fix the problem.

“I know I can get it fixed, but I won’t do it by asking residents for more tax money,” Reeves said.

 Meanwhile, the parish and all of south Louisiana could face additional flood-related issues this week. Forecasts called for significant rain changes until Friday, before skies clear up in hopes of a reprieve from additional flood issues.