Less than 35 percent fully vaccinated in Iberville Parish

Staff Report

Despite COVID vaccine drives and strong local promotion of vaccination events, the total immunization for Iberville Parish remains under 50 percent.

As of last Friday, 12,460 vaccination series have been initiated and 11,486 have been completed. Based on the 2018 population estimate of 32,511, at total of 34.85 percent of the Iberville population has completed the series on vaccination, according to figures provided by the Louisiana Department of Health.

The Black population trails the White population by almost 6 percent on the completion totals. The initiated total in the Black population was 44.22 percent, while 43.66 percent have completed vaccination.

The Black population comprises 48.35 percent of the parish population, while the White population accounts for 49.3 percent.

Completion among White residents totals 49.16 percent, while 48.46 have initiated the vaccination.

The category “other” accounts for 5.39 percent completed and “unknown” totals 1.79 percent for completion.

Of the total number of completed vaccinations, 24.41 percent come from the 60-69 age bracket, while 22.98 percent are 70 and older. The 50-59 age group comprises 20.09 percent.

The percentage on age groups declines sharply under the age of 50. Only 13.38 percent of the 40-49 age group has completed vaccination, while 9.72 of the 30-39 bracket are fully vaccinated.

The 18-29 age group accounts for only 7.84 percent of the completed vaccinations.

Despite those figures, the 38.57 percent total of completed vaccinations in Region 2 – which includes Iberville and eight other parishes – is the second highest in the state.

Across Region 2, West Feliciana leads the number of completions at 49.2 percent. The remaining percentages, by parish, include: East Feliciana, 41.55; Pointe Coupee, 39.71; East Baton Rouge, 39.33; West Baton Rouge, 36.97; Ascension, 35.07; St. Helena, 31.01 and Livingston, 26.15.

Region 1, which covers the Greater New Orleans region, shows 46.76 percent of the population has completed the vaccination process.

Only 25.54 are completely vaccinated in Region 5, which covers the storm-battered region around the Lake Charles.