Vaccination rate under 40 percent in Iberville Parish

Staff Report

Iberville Parish remains ranked in the lower tier among Louisiana Department of Health Region 2 parishes on the percentage of COVID vaccinations, according to the most recent LDH totals.

The 35.61 percentage for Iberville Parish among the nine parishes in the region, which covers the Greater Baton Rouge area.

A total of 12,854 vaccination series were initiated, while 11,737 were completed. Most of the vaccinations are among residents 50 and older, while the totals under 50 are substantially lower.

The 40-49 age group has 13.66 series initiated and 13.37 series completed, while only 10.49 percent of the 30-39 age bracket has begun the vaccine series and 9.86 percent have completed it. Only 8.64 percent of the 18-29 age bracket have initiated the vaccine and 8.02 percent have completed it.

The 50-and-up classification accounts for 66.99 percent of the vaccinations.

The 60-69 age bracket leads the pack with 23.3 percent initiated and 24.16 percent completed.

The 70-plus age group has 21.52 percent initiated and 22.65 complete, while the 50-59 bracket accounts for 20.05 percent of the initiated vaccines and 20.18 percent of the series completed.

The vaccination totals among race run relatively close between Black and White residents.

A total of 44.82 percent of the Black residents have begun the vaccine series and 44.03 have completed it. Black residents account for 48.35 of the Iberville Parish population, based on 2018 totals.

The White community has 47.99 percent who have initiated the series and 48.96 who have completed it. White residents account for 49.3 percent of the Iberville population.

A total of 51.73 female residents in Iberville have initiated the series and 51.91 have completed it. The total in the male population shows 47.91 percent who have initiated the series and 47.8 have completed it.

Overall, 39.42 percent of the residents in Region 2 have been vaccinated. West Feliciana Parish leads the pack with 50.29 percent of its residents who have completed the vaccination series.

The Livingston Parish percentage of 26.76 is the lowest in the region.

Other parishes include East Baton Rouge (40.15 percent), East Feliciana (42.78), Pointe Coupee (40.41), West Baton Rouge (37.97), Ascension (35.96) and St. Helena.