HiSet Program makes strides for Iberville Sheriff’s Office

Staff Report

In February 2020, Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi reinstated the HiSet Program, formerly known as GED, at the Iberville Parish Jail. The HiSet Program is growing and heading in the right direction, he said.

Gail Edwards and Pat Nichols, both retired educators from the Iberville Parish School System, serve as the program facilitators and work diligently to prepare the students for graduation.

Students attend classes at the jail three times a week. The Louisiana Department of Corrections supplies all materials needed.

Recently, the Department of Corrections installed three new testing stations at the Iberville Parish Jail allowing students to take a test to graduate. In the past, the student would have to be transported to the West Baton Rouge Detention Center to test.

Nearly 50 percent of the inmates housed at the Iberville Parish Jail do not have a high school diploma or high school equivalency.

Warden Pete Edwards approves the placement of any inmate who is serious about obtaining an HSE.

“Even though most of our inmates are pre-sentence inmates, we want to give them the opportunity to better themselves while they are awaiting trial.” Stassi said.