Iberville Parish President Ourso says he plans to seek re-election

Staff Report

Iberville Parish President J. Mitchell Ourso said last week that a longtime goal with huge implications for the parish has led him to his decision seek another term in office.

Iberville Parish President J. Mitchell Ourso says he will seek re-election

His plan to run for a seventh full term in the 2023 race stems largely from his hopes that he can convince the state to select Iberville Parish for the site of a new Mississippi River bridge.

“That’s why I’m running again,” he said. “We’ve got Shintech, SNF and all the other jobs, and when these projects have landed on the parish doorstep, we’ve done a good job with them.

“We’ve taken the good, the bad and the ugly, but we have far more positive things going for us here,” he said. “Industry is a big part of our parish’s heartbeat.”

Ourso said he will be heavily involved next year in the bridge discussion, which he hopes will eventually lead the state to select Iberville Parish over West Baton Rouge for location of the new bridge.

“You would think we’re receptive and that this would weigh heavily on why this bridge needs to be south of Plaquemine and connect to our east bank and the six or seven industries on the Eastbank, and get rid of this iconic Plaquemine ferry,” Ourso said. “Iberville Parish is my home, and I want to keep the ball rolling for our parish.

 “This bridge is important to the future of Iberville Parish,” he said. “It’s the missing link, economically.”

Ourso has served as the parish’s top administrative official since 1997, when Iberville Parish transitioned from the Police Jury system to Home Rule Charter.

He was re-elected to a four-year term in 1999. Ourso has been re-elected in every parish president election since.