Selectman Jimmie Randle dies after lengthy illness

Staff Report

Friends and colleagues of Plaquemine Selectman Jimmie Randle said he never kept his greatest passion a secret.

They said they will remember their longtime colleague for the pride and dedication he had for the district he served.

Jimmie Randle

Randle, who turned 57 on Feb. 26, died Saturday after a lengthy illness.

“I enjoyed serving with him. … He was a big man, but his heart was much bigger than him,” Mayor Ed Reeves said. “He really cared about the people he represented.

“There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for the people he represented,” he said. “He was probably the most caring and considerate councilman I ever served with.”

Randle, who represented District 6, took office Jan. 1, 2001. He served 21 years and three months, including 15 months of his sixth term. 

He oversaw improvements to blighted property in his district, along with upgrades to recreation in his area.

In addition, he orchestrated an annual Mardi Gras parade for his district under the title “The Krewe of Randle.”

Randle also organized toy drives for underprivileged children in his district during the Christmas season.

Selectman Lin Rivet, who took office the same time as Randle, said he remembered Randle’s efforts to upgrade his district.

“He had lot of passion for his community and for the City of Plaquemine … he did a lot to serve his district,” Rivet said. “He and Ralph and Oscar got together to plant trees down W.W. Harleaux Street.

“Jimmie and I didn’t know each other before we were elected, but when we met and talked, he told me point-blank that his passion was to do what was best for his community and he was going to ask us to go along with it. He said if we didn’t want to, that was fine, and he could understand that.”

Former District 4 Selectman Mickey Rivet described his working relationship with Randle.

“We didn’t always agree on things, but we were always able to remain friends,” said former District 4 Selectman Mickey Rivet. “He was very strong in his district.”

He is the third longtime selectman to succumb since 2020.

District 5 Selectman Oscar Mellion – who served 24 years – died in November 2021. District 3 Selectman Ralph Stassi passed away in August 2020 after 19 years in office.

Margaret Randle, the selectman’s widow, will serve in his seat until a special election this fall. She will be appointed during a special meeting set for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 19.

Reeves said they hope to put the measure on the same ballot in which voters decide who serves the remainder of Mellion’s term. 

Visitation for Randle was set for Wednesday, April 6. The visitation was scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday, April 7 (today) at Greater St. Mary Baptist Church on 58820 Harleaux St.