Motor vehicles damage Plaquemine's new levee-top trail

Staff Report

Less than one month after its formal dedication, the levee-top walking and bicycle trail has been damaged by motorized vehicles.

The sides of asphalt are being broken away. There are skid marks on the concrete trailhead, and rocks thrown up on the trail from tires can be seen in numerous spots on the trail.

Motorbikes and ATVs have damaged portions of the new Plaquemine levee-top trail less than one month after its grand opening. Plaquemine Police Chief Kenny Payne asks that residents who see those vehicles along the levee notify his department immediately.

Police officers patrolled the levee top last weekend, but it is difficult to catch those on off-road vehicles, Police Chief Kenny Payne said.

He urges those who see any of these vehicles on the levee top to call the Plaquemine Police Department immediately at (225) 687-9273 and provide the location where the vehicle was seen.

It is critical that the police be called immediately, Payne said.

Callers will not be required to give their names, but the location of the motorized vehicle will be needed.

Those caught on a motorized vehicle on the levee will be subject to a ticket and seizure of the vehicle, as provided in City ordinances.

The new Plaquemine Riverfront Recreational Trail on the levee top is strictly a walking and bicycle riding trail.