Disaster case management program to assist in Hurricane Ida recovery

Staff Report

The State has implemented a free disaster case management program comprised of multiple agencies throughout Louisiana to help residents still recovering from Hurricane Ida. Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge is among the agencies chosen to provide disaster case management.

The program connects survivors to resources such as temporary housing, food, access to healthcare, job searches, transportation needs, as well as additional recovery plan assistance. Case managers search for resources to meet the needs identified in each survivor’s recovery plan, and advocate for survivors.

“We’re here to help,” said David Aguillard, CCDBR executive director. “We know people in South Louisiana have a lot of pride and dignity and tend to not reach out for help. Assistance is available. Please take advantage of this case management program if you are still recovering from Hurricane Ida.”

As disaster experts, CCDBR has been involved in or deployed to help in 23 disasters across the globe since 2005. Those disasters include 12 hurricanes, five floods, three tornadoes, one tsunami, one wildfire and one housing crisis. Although 17 of the 23 disasters were in Louisiana, mostly in the diocese area, CCDBR’s expertise extends from the New England states to American Samoa.

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