Hosea Anderson goes unopposed as Maringouin police chief

Staff Report

Maringouin Police Chief Hosea Anderson considers public trust the best way to measure his job performance, and his constituents gave him a vote of confidence when he recently approached re-election.

The three-term police chief went unopposed during the qualifying that ended July 22.

Hosea Anderson

Anderson, who also works as a detective for the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office, is in his second consecutive term. He was first elected chief in 2005.

He and his department serve a town whose population was 1,098 in the 2020 Census. Although it’s a small town, the challenges remain as great – and, in some cases, more so – than larger municipalities.

“Per capita, those issues are almost worse,” Anderson said. “The main issue I have is finding employees because not many people want to do this job for $15 or $20 an hour.”

As a town sandwiched between Interstate 10 and U.S. 190, criminals sometimes pass through when they try to elude law enforcement, he said.

Many of those issues involve juveniles. Anderson believes police reality shows on TV have, to some degree, become a detriment for law enforcement.

“These crime shows put a lot of what we do in our jobs on TV, and they see what we do in our efforts to stop them,” he said. “They may be juveniles in terms of age , but they’re very savvy in other ways.”

Anderson said he wants to continue work on ways to keep public trust.

Many people shy from involvement in a police investigation out of fear of revenge.

“I understand the fear, but I always ask them what if it was their own family?” he said. “I want to continue to keep the trust of the community.”

It also means a continuation of work relationship with law enforcement throughout the area.

“Even though we have different towns and villages, we’re interconnected now in some form or fashion,” Anderson said. “We do it now, we haven’t had an issue and they all know they can call me if they need information on someone they might not know.

“Being a detective with the sheriff’s office also helps, and I thank Sheriff (Brett) Stassi because he’s been an asset to me, and he allows my full-time and part-time officers to attend the sheriff’s office training.”

Anderson said he wants to continue building on the public trust for him and his officers.

“Getting the public to trust you and who you are is one of our main objectives,” he said.

Anderson wants to have officers on the clock 24 hours a day.

The Town of Maringouin is in the process of buying a building for use as a new police station, which would replace a building that has been in use for decades.

As for public trust, he got a gauge of it outside of going unopposed.

It happened at Bobben’s Supermarket, the town’s only grocery store.

“I had a conversation in there just yesterday in which I said I will, and some people who weren’t in the conversation overheard,” Anderson said. “They were all asking what they would do.”

He said he often gets questions about policing and other issues.

“First thing I tell them is go to the Word of God,” Anderson said. “Everything you want to know about life you can find in the Bible.”