Top Iberville football 2015 matchups

Andrew Green
Plaquemine Green Devils

Plaquemine at Livonia – In this October 16 matchup, the Green Devils will travel to face their new 6-4A rival, neighboring Livonia.  Livonia is coming off claiming the 3A title in the 2014-15 season and have since moved up to face a tougher challenge in 4A.  Why this will be great: The Green Devils are a much younger team than a year before, and Livonia is experienced and also playing up a class.  This could be a nail-biter.

White Castle vs. Kentwood – This October 30 matchup will be a great one to watch.  With new faces in leadership positions for the White Castle Bulldogs and moving to a new district, 6-1A, WCHS will get to test their ability to see if they can hang in a new home and reclaim the 1A title.

White Castle High

St. John at Ascension Catholic – A matchup between two neighboring private schools will prove to be a great one.  The SJHS Eagles will get to show their stuff with their massive group of experienced seniors and have a chance to make themselves known in their new 6-1A district home.  These teams will be fighting tooth and nail to make a splash.

St. John High

East Iberville at St. John – Iberville 1A showdown.  East Iberville has completely retooled their team and coaching staff and will look to make a name for themselves again under new head coach Dameion Mills.  One opponent the Tigers seem to put up a good fight against are the St. John Eagles, most likely stemming from their parish rivalry.

Plaquemine vs. Woodlawn – This game could very well prove to be a tricky one for the Green Devils.  If you remember last season when the Devils visited Woodlawn, they had to push through a tough first half to seek victory in the end.  Now Woodlawn is officially a district 6-4A rival, which could turn up the heat a bit for the Green Devil team.  Who will come out on top?  Well we’ll have to wait and see.

East Iberville High