Top unsung heroes of Iberville football

Andrew Green
Gavin Primeaux

Gavin Primeaux – Not to be confused with the other Gavin on the field, Gavin Primeaux is a stellar powerhouse running back that is great for moving the ball down the field.  As the regular season continues, many will remember his counterpart, Gavin Landry.  But Gavin Primeaux is a dominant running back for the St. John Eagles and a key part of the SJHS offense.

Daniel Edwards – Often shadowed by WCHS running back Dontrell Taylor, Daniel Edwards oftentimes has more impressive performances than Taylor does.  Edwards has been out as of late due to a sore muscle, but when he hits the field he hits it hard.

Daniel Edwards

Steve Conerly – Our solo defensive player for this list, Steve Conerly serves as a captain for the Plaquemine High defense.  Last season he performed very well in a fullback position and found the end zone on several key drives.  This year, he’s an inside linebacker and is fantastic as stopping the run.

Steve Conerly

Landon LeBlanc – Who would have known that SJHS would have such a deep pool of great running backs?  Not me that’s for sure, but Landon LeBlanc is perhaps the best offensive Eagle that no one talks about.  When the SJHS offensive game plan gets predicted with a hand off to Landry or Primeaux, in steps LeBlanc who has performed just as well, if not better, than the Gavins.

Landon LeBlanc

Jeremy Richard – New quarterback for the WCHS Bulldogs, Jeremy Richard takes the helm from Jacory Jones.  Richard began in a bit of a slow start for the Bulldogs, but has steadily improved his passing game so as to ease the workload of Taylor and Edwards.  As the season continues, look for Richard to contribute even more to pushing the ball downfield.

What did you think?  Is there anyone we missed?  Did we get it right?  Let us know in the comments.

Jeremy Richard