Joe Guilbeau: On the Lighter Side

Joe Guilbeau

Boudreaux was boarding Cajun Airline and dragging a very heavy carry-on bag when a petite flight attendant went out to help him drag it.

Both of them lifted the bag into the plane, and then she found out his seat was way into the back end of the plan.

Joe Guilbeau

Then came the hard part: To put the bag in the carry-on compartment. They lifted and lifted and finally put it in the compartment and slammed it shut.

Boudreau fell into a seat, and she fell in his lap and said. “This is the heaviest carry-on bag I have ever seen!”

“Oh yeah,” Boudreaux replied. “It was too hard. The next time my brother buys a ticket, I’m gonna get in the bag.


A search and rescue boat was patrolling a heavily flooded area when they spotted a man at a distance in deep water. They hollered at him: “Are you a refugee?”

“No,” he yelled back. “I am a Gremillion.”


Q. Who were the well-known Cajun couple “Desperados?”

A. Bonnie and Claude


Boo: You ready for the Olympics to get started this summer?

Tib: Yes, I guess so.

Boo: I read that Saudi Arabia is allowing women to be in the Olympics for the first time. I think they are runners.

Tib: Of course, they are. Dat’s because they are not allowed to drive there.


Boo: Can you believe it’s already July, Tib?

Tib: Yep ... the year done be half over.

Boo: Guessin' I’ll just leave them up now.

Tib: Watts dat?

Boo: My Christmas lights!


MY GARDEN TIP: It’s early July, and it’s fig-picking time in south Louisiana.

A lot of people are sensitive to the juice secreted by figs and fig leaves. The secretion enters the skin, causing irritation and infection, which is because the juice secretes APHH value of alkalinity.

How to solve the problem? As soon as you finish picking the figs, wash your hands and arms with a small amount of orange juice. The acid in the juice neutralizes the alkaline base.

Then, you wash your hands with sap. I sometimes soak my skin with orange juice before I start picking.

You have to trust me – I have been growing fig trees since Moses was given The Ten Commandments.