On the Lighter Side: Cajun stories

Joe Guilbeau

Boudreaux went to see old Dr. Duplechain and told him he wanted to take out his wife’s appendix. After thinking about it. Dr. Duplechain told Boudreaux that he had already taken out her appendix and added, “I have never heard of a Second Appendix.”

Joe Guilbeau

To which Boudreaux replied, “Have you ever heard of a second wife?” Boudreaux was unlucky, no.


In the early days of aviation, Boudreaux, the pilot of Cajun Airline, reported to the tower that his gas tank was leaking. The tower instructed him to fly upside down to conserve fuel so he could reach the airport. This was accomplished.

This was the inspiration for the famous slogan “Loop Before You Leak.”


A couple of Yankees ended up at Grand Isle and were introduced to an insect unbeknown to them, the mosquito, which is capable of puncturing the skin.

After a short period of serious swatting, they dodged into their motel room, pulled down the shades, turned out the lights, went to bed and covered themselves to their neck.

But then they noticed several fireflies circling the room and one told the other, “It’s no use … they’re cooking for us with flashlights.”


A man from New York was led through the swamps of Louisiana.

“Is it true,” he asked, “that an alligator won’t attack you if you carry a flashlight?"

“That depends on how fast you carry the flashlight,” the Cajun guide replied.


To fill up space in my columns, I’ve been coining new words.

-- Aquadextrous: Possessing the ability to turn the bathtub faucet off with your toes.


In the Cajun language, at the end of a sentence, we use “no” as a question mark or with a question mark.

Here is an example: “Did your Social Security check come in today, no."


Tib: I read some of this book last night that men and women come from different planets.

Boo: I figured that out after I got married.

Tib: How long did that take?

Boo: One, after fifteen or 20 minutes.


Tib: Another glass of milk.

Boo: Yep. It makes you stronger, the more you drink.

Tib: Really? I bet if you drank a whole gallon of milk, you couldn’t move that wall.

Boo: So … you couldn’t, neither!

Tib: Yeah, but if you drank a whole gallon of wine, that wall would move by itself.