On the Lighter Side: A musical montage

Joe Guilbeau

Here’s a tip to my photography friends. Take your picture of a full moon through the branches of a tree. You get the illusion that the moon is bigger.

Joe Guilbeau

One of the greatest illusions of all time is the Magnetic Hill near Moncton, New Brunswick. At this site, an optical illusion makes it seem as though automobiles can coast uphill. If you are still not sure, the water in the ditch next to the roadway runs uphill, too.

The complex also includes a zoo and a waterpark.

I had the privilege of experiencing this phenomenon on our trip to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


They say music transcends all languages. I like Cajun, Country, Pop, Boogie-Woogie, and even very light Classical, and early Rock & Roll.

To my credit, I play two musical instruments that Presidents of the United States did not play. “I Am What I Am” – Merle Haggard. Roger that.


The song “You Are My Sunshine” became the most recognized song melody of all time. You would get off a plane in Japan and they were singing “You Are My Sunshine” in Japanese.

During World War II, King George VI, king of England, said “My Sunshine” was his favorite song. His oldest daughter Elizabeth became our Queen Elizabeth of today.

I had the privilege of seeing the original draft of “You Are My Sunshine,” which I believe was lost in a house fire.

The original recording of “My Sunshine” was made in Chicago.

Former Gov. Jimmie Davis was accompanied with session musicians who did not know country music, which is why you hear clarinets in that recording. “My Sunshine” is one of our two state songs.

I had the privilege of speaking with former Gov. Davis on several occasions. His fiddle player in his band was Doc Guidry, who was from my hometown and a close friend. Former Gov. Davis, of course, is in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

About music, I joined a jam session of guitar pickers. When I joined, I was asked if I was a picker.

“Yes, when I’m in southeast Louisiana, I pick strawberries and when I go to Mississippi, I pick butterbeans.”

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Vacation time is the two weeks you devote to finding places you swear you’ll stay away from next year.