On the Lighter Side: Cajun Stories

Joe Guilbeau

When the astronauts brought back rock and soil samples from the moon, scientists from Harvard, M.I.T, University of Chicago, etc. requested their own samples for testing.

Later, a smart Cajun professor from Southwestern Louisiana called and asked for space samples, but the space center was out. So, as a prank, NASA sent out an employee into the Longhorn Pasture to collect a box of bovine samples, which was sent to the awaiting scientist.

Mr. Joe Guilbeau

A short time later, NASA summoned the scientists to Houston to pool their findings. As soon as the meeting was called to order, the Cajun professor stood up and declared, “Listen up, you all, we found conclusive evidence that the cow did jump over the moon!”


Two Cajuns stole a garbage truck in Baton Rouge and were driving to Texas to buy a cup of coffee.

But traveling around Breaux Bridge, a state trooper pulled them over and soon became suspicious of their stories.

The trooper shamed them, saying “Why did you just steal a nice car instead of a garbage truck?”

One Cajun replied, “What? A garbage truck? We thought it was a Winnebago with an elevator!!” (OK ... That was a dated joke).


Boo: The plant manager was on my case again today when I got to work a little bit late.

Tib: What did you say? Show How did he do?

Boo: Came in seventh.


Boo: Tib, that was something about Jonah staying three days in the belly of the whale.

Tib: Oh, that’s nothing. My Uncle Andre was in the belly of the alligator longer than that!

Boo: How long was that? Tib: Oh, it’s going on two years now!