On the Lighter Side: ‘My Views and Opinions’

Joe Guilbeau

I am writing this, and you won’t see this anywhere else.


Of all the countries that we could have been born in, how great is it that it was the good ol’ USA? Some of you who were born elsewhere may also attest that we are very fortunate.

But that doesn’t mean that we are perfect, or even that were headed down the right path. Many will argue – and it’s a good argument -- that we are losing freedoms one by one. Some feel that it’s by leaps and bounds.

Joe Guilbeau

There are countless laws on the books, and our taxation would be considered appalling by our forefathers. Do you think we are getting better as a nation, or worse?


The poor maintenance and the failure to maintain proper water supply at the camp was inexcusable. Who pays for Camp Lejeune? The United States Government –the taxpayers (us).

That being said, all you see on television these days is 100 law firms suing Camp LeJeune for billions of dollars. I guess you can say they are doing their job.

But I haven’t heard once – not once – that Camp LeJeune trained millions of Marines and others to be deployed to foreign lands to put their lives on the line every day so we can all be free and come to a safe home at night.

But no, it’s all about the billions of dollars. As a veteran myself, I would like to canvass the employees of those law firms to see how many served their country? But no, it’s safer to be working at the office. Our country should be ashamed.

A while back, the Defense Department was considering a draft of women for the military. I’m OK with that, but to draft my granddaughters into the Army … that’s when I’m coming to Washington.

While in basic training at the naval base in San Diego, while I was on active duty, I was not permitted to buy beer at a tavern or grocery store.

Early on, we discovered we could buy beer at the ballgames. We went to see the San Diego Padres, which was a minor league ballclub at the time.

We would attend the Sunday doubleheaders. We got into a lot of trouble, but we were never arrested. The civilians who attended the games did not let the police arrest us for a reason I am not telling you.

I was once guest speaker at a banquet for retired government employees, but I was required to pay for my own meal. I should have known better. I was once guest speaker at a banquet for Catholic priests. I was not paid … I was just forgiven.