One dead, two arrested after dice game on Castro Street in Plaquemine goes horribly wrong

Sheriff Brett Stassi

One young man laid dead after a shooting on Castro Street during a robbery attempt in Plaquemine Sunday around 7:15 p.m. and detectives with the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office has arrested two men so far involved in the crime, said Sheriff Brett Stassi.

“There was an incident where some young people were shooting dice on the porch of a house on Castro Street,” he said. “During that time, some people approached with weapons – one from the front of the house and the other from the rear – and attempted to rob the participants of the money that was being used in the dice game.”

Unbeknownst to the would-be robbers, one of the people at the craps table was armed, Stassi said. The victim was one of the men trying to rob the others. He was identified by detectives as Deshannon Woods.

“During the confusion of it all, one of the young men, who is a juvenile, ,had a firearm,” he continued. “He pulled it, discharged it, killing one of the robbers.”

“At that point, everybody dispersed, running in every direction and the Sheriff’s Office was called,” Stassi said, adding deputies were on the scene within three minutes.

“We went out and investigated and started coming up with some names of some of the people who were participants in the game,” he said. “We got statements from some of the people, got the victim identified and in the course of the investigation, we identified who was involved in the robbery.”

Detectives arrested Reginald Dorsey, 20, 32520 Alice St., White Castle, and charged him with one count of first degree murder and armed robbery, Stassi said.

“He was not the trigger man who killed the young man, but when someone is killed in the perpetration of an armed robbery, you can be charged with the outcome of the situation,” the sheriff continued.

The shooter was a 16-year-old male who will be charged with being a juvenile in possession of a firearm, Stassi said. “…All of this information will be sent to the grand jury but our investigation proved that he shot in the defense of the others on the porch.

“Once detectives had obtained a search warrant for the residence, we located the weapon that was used in the shooting,” Stassi said.

The next issue for the detectives was to locate the weapons the robbers used and discovered Deshannon Johnson, 17, 24820 James St., Plaquemine, had given intructions to get rid of them. The weapons were recovered by detectives in Addis.  

After they were recovered by detectives, Stassi said, Johnson was charged with one count each of obstruction of justice and being an accessory after the fact to armed robbery.

The sheriff said he talked to the father of the victim, which he called “difficult at best.” “My whole life I’ve tried to tell my son to make the right choices,” the father told Stassi.

“This whole case is tragic in that so many young lives were touched,” Stassi said. “It’s sad.”

“We need to work with our children, we need to talk to our children because if we don’t, somebody else will,” he continued.

The shooting death is the first of the year, Stassi said, and only one was reported in the parish in all of last year.

“Iberville Parish is a small community and we’re blessed with the crime that we don’t have,” he said.

Stassi praised the detectives for “their excellent work and for bringing the case to a speedy closure.”

“We worked through the night and it’s truly a testament to their investigative skills in what they accomplished in a short period of time.”