One man dead, one wounded in Harmason Street shooting

Staff Report

A fight Saturday in Plaquemine led to a single-bullet shooting that killed one man and wounded another, according to Chief of Police Kenneth Payne.  

The incident occurred about 1 p.m. on Harmason Street when Jacolby Thomas, 22, reportedly drove to the residence of Demetric Turner, 26.

Thomas got out of his car and punched Turner in the mouth, with led to a fight along the roadside.

Malachi Bosley, Turner’s cousin, came from the porch of the house across the street to help Turner, who was considerably smaller than Thomas, who was winning the fight, Payne said.

A pistol somehow became part of the fight, although it has not yet been determined where it was prior to the fracas.

Chief of Police Kenneth Payne

“Where the gun came from has become an issue of someone saying Bosley had it on the porch, but someone else said it fell out of Turner’s pocket,” Payne said. “Either way, he put it in his hand when he started to pistol-whip Thomas.”

When Bosley pistol-whipped Thomas behind the ear, he apparently had his finger on the trigger and didn’t hit him with the butt of the gun, but with the barrel,” the police chief said.

One bullet was fired from the gun, which went behind the ear and through the left eye and through the brain, Payne said.

When it came out of the eye, the bullet hit Turner on the back shoulder, near the shoulder blade.

All of the witnesses heard only one gunshot, Payne said.

“So, we have one bullet causing all of this damage,” he said.

Thomas was taken by Acadian Ambulance AirMed to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center. Turner was taken by vehicular ambulance to OLOL.

Jacolby Thomas was declared braindead at OLOL, and Turner was in ICU, also at OLOL.

“Doctors and nurses at the Lake determined that Jacolby was braindead and were waiting for his family to decide whether the end life support,” Payne said.

Jacolby was pronounced dead at approximately 1 p.m. Sunday. Turner was released from the hospital Sunday.

Bosley did not know the reason for the fight, but saw his cousin losing the fight, Payne said.

He was arrested Saturday afternoon after he confessed and gave officers a breakdown of what transpired.

“He told us where he put the gun, and a relative took the gun from the spot and hid it,” Payne said.

Additional charges could be rendered in the case for attempting to hide the gun, he said.

Bosley was charged Saturday with two counts of attempted second-degree homicide, but one charge was upgraded to second-degree murder after Thomas was pronounced dead.

Bosley was a senior at University of Louisiana-Lafayette, Payne said.

“What prompted him to hit somebody with a gun … I don’t know,” he said. “We’re talking about a young man who was driven in life to go to school.

“One bullet killed a person, injured another and may land this young man in prison … just one bullet,” Payne said.