Education Department distributes nearly $260 million in federal funding

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Plaquemine Post South

Federal Relief Funding and Spending Guidance

Today's allocations will be distributed according to a formula determined by the federal government, meaning each school system will receive varying amounts depending on their student populations. 

To help school systems prioritize how they spend these dollars, the Department released a guide that outlines how they should build on the 2020-2021 academic plans they had developed before school facilities were closed to meet new academic and operational demands.

View the Strong Start 2020 Planning Guide. 

Strong Start 2020

  • Every student's academic needs are identified at the beginning of the year using high-quality diagnostic tools and assessments that align to Louisiana's learning standards. 
  • There is a plan for every student, including extra time and support for students with the greatest unfinished learning from the prior year.
  • There are clear next steps for every high school student and recent graduate who will enter a new economy. 
  • 1:1 device and internet access, including assistive technology for students with disabilities;
  • A strategic communications plan to connect with every student on a daily basis, provide weekly feedback on students' work, and communicate a family's role in supporting their child's continuous learning;
  • Versatile delivery methods for instruction, related services, and professional development;
  • Adaptive staffing models that optimize teaching talent and student support; and
  • Flexible and opportunistic calendars and school schedules that maximize learning opportunities in a dynamic public health context.

"Louisiana is committed to serving every child, every day and to ensuring a strong start to the next school year. But in order to be successful, we must close the opportunity gaps that exist for many of our children," said BESE Member Preston Castille, who represents District 8. "We must focus our dollars on the children who need it most, including those who lack the technology to support their learning and those with disabilities."

Next Steps

The Department also plans to release information and resources designed for families ahead of students heading back to school.