Face-to-face learning format remains in place for Iberville schools

Staff Report

No immediate plans are on the table for Iberville Parish schools to return to a virtual format after Gov. John Bel Edwards imposed additional restrictions stop the surge in coronavirus case.

Additional restrictions took effect when spike in coronavirus cases prompted Gov. John Bel Edwards to impose a “modified” Phase 2 statewide.

But any decision to change in class format for schools will come from each individual parish.

A letter from Sandy Holloway, president of the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, stated that local agencies could continue to operate under Phase 3 regulations, which puts the ball in each parish’s court to determine if the district should remain in Phase 3.

Iberville Parish School Superintendent Dr. Arthur Joffrion

“Basically, we continue to use our mitigation protocol, which requires additional sanitation and handwashing, while masks and social distancing remain mandatory,” Iberville Parish School Board Superintendent Arthur Joffrion said.

School officials will continue to watch numbers for the residential area, but they have taken the tracing one more step.

“The latest surge has prompted the school system officials to increase testing, and because of that we watch numbers more closely and we started looking at data not just systemwide, but by each school,” he said. ‘We continue to watch numbers for the residential area, and of course those numbers have seen an increase and because of that we watch numbers more closely.”

Teachers and other faculty members have had fears of contracting the virus, which has led the system to continue the telework option.

Much of those concerns stem from the spike after Halloween, and a possible surge from the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Teachers have legitimate fears with COVID, and we don’t take that lightly,” Joffrion said. “As of right now, it’s through December, but we’re prepared to continue that, depending on where we are when we return in January. We want to do what we can to protect employees with underlying conditions.”