School personnel can receive COVID vaccines on campus in Tier II

Staff Report

Teachers and other school personnel are among those eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine in Tier II, and the Iberville Parish School System wants to make it more accessible for those who choose to take it.

The school system plans to work with the local medical facilities to make the vaccine available to its employees once the CDC moves into that tier of immunizations.

Iberville Parish School Superintendent Dr. Arthur Joffrion

“One of the things we keep trying to do is to work with local medical facilities to avail the vaccine to our employees as soon as it becomes available,” Superintendent Arthur Joffrion said. “We do not want them to have to go somewhere and take off work.”

The vaccination process remains in the early phases of the first tier, which includes residents 70 and older, medical personnel, workers at assisted living facilities and first-responders.

The school system will use the same protocol it put in place for testing.

Personnel will not be required to take the vaccination.

“We’re going to make it available, and we will encourage them to do it, but we can’t mandate that legally,” Joffrion said. “We can’t mandate the flu shot or anything else.

“We just want to make it available to all of our employees and make it as easy as possible to get it,” he said.

The school system wants to use the same approach that applied to the vaccinations, he said.

“To avoid a hasty return, we did the transition and offered the free testing of teachers, employees and students for more than 300,” Joffrion said. “Those who wanted to be tested were, and we continue to be cautious with quarantining, meaning we typically go above the requirements because we would rather be overcautious.”