Disabled veteran, Plaquemine native receives over $25,000 from hometown residents to help with expenses

TOMMY COMEAUX tcomeaux@postsouth.com
Clark Cavalier, seated, accepts a check representing over $25,000 raised by the local VFW, local businesses and Citizens Band and Trust.

Plaquemine native Clark Cavalier is a true American hero. Having been deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, Cavalier lost both legs in combat.

“Easter Sunday, 2011, I stepped on a bomb and lost both of my legs and woke up in a hospital three days later, not really knowing what happened,” he said.

When people in his hometown found out about the crippling injury, they decided they needed to help him out. 

Former Marine Cal Robichaux ended up being the one who spearheaded the effort.

“Some local people called me and said, ‘I know you’re a Marine and we have a young Marine who is from Plaquemine who was injured and there are likely going to be some expenses down the road,” he said.

“So I took it to our VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) post and asked if we could set up a bank account,,” Robichaux said. “We made some calls to some businesses and things like that locally to see if they would be willing to help out a local veteran.”

Not only were local businesses willing to help, but so were private citizens and contributions poured into an account for Cavalier’s fund at Citizens Bank and Trust.

The veteran, now wheelchair bound and living in Maryland to be close to the VA hospital where he is treated and going through physical therapy, was most appreciative.

“It’s great,” Cavalier said of the donation, but he was even more thankful for the support. “One of the keys to having a successful life in recovery is a support system and I have one of the best systems around.”

“It’s big,” he said of the contribution. “It’s definitely going to help my family and me out through rough times.”

“I’m a bit overwhelmed and it’s a lot to take in, but I’m just really grateful,” Cavalier said.

“I’ve been getting letters from these guys and it’s definitely a great pick me up to know that there are people who are supporting me,” he said.