Le’ Tessie Med Spa will offer wide array of appearance issues people have

TOMMY COMEAUX tcomeaux@postsouth.ccom

A new business in town will provide service that will give people on the Westside the opportunity to look their very best, Le’ Tessie Med Spa.

“Le’ Tessie Spa will benefit a lot of people to have laser hair removal, cellulite reduction, fine line and wrinkles, help people with acne and other issues people may have,” said owner Danielle Troxillo. “We can help you to be able to get your body where you want it to be.”

“We’re going to make it a total one-stop spa,” she continued. “We want to be the premier business on the Westside. There are 41 businesses like it in Baton Rouge that do the same thing that I’m going to be doing.”

“There’s no one on the Westside like us and provides the array of services that we do,” Truxillo said. “We want to provide the services and products people need to be able to achieve the look they want.”

Nothing that we do is invasive,” she said. “Everything we do is done on the surface of the skin.”

Laser hair removal treatment takes several months of treatments because it kills off hair follicles but they come back until all of them have been destroyed.

“Our weight loss program uses heat to increase your body’s temperature,” Truxillo said. “…You can melt fat. The only thing we can’t do anything about is a beer belly.”

Other services include micro-needling which penetrates the skin and takes care of collagen and remove scarring.

“Alumera is a process that removes some of the aging process,” Truxillo said, but continued by saying the spa offers a wide array of other services, describing it as “a full service body sculpting and laser spa for all your body needs. “

The day spa will have Botox fillers in the future as well as micro-blading and tattoo removal and permanent eyeliner via tattoo as well as a masseuse.

Truxillo said a private line of moisturizers and skin care products is in the works

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (225) 238-5380 or visit the spa on the web,www.letessie.me