Plaquemine city parks closed after latest vandalisms

Staff Report

The parks operated in the City of Plaquemine will remain closed until further notice as city moves toward repairs on the sites.

The move comes after vandals caused considerable damage to the facilities, Plaquemine Mayor Edwin “Ed” Reeves Jr. said.

The parks will remain on lockdown at least until the city purchases and installs cameras for all sites.

The facilities will need significant repairs, which will be costly for the city, Reeves said.

Plaquemine Mayor Ed Reeves

“I cannot afford to keep parks open when they’re breaking off lavatories,” he said. “When I say money is tight, I mean that money is tight.”

Vandals have damaged signage, swings, bathrooms and other facets of the parks, according to Reeves.

At the COPAC (City of Plaquemine Activity Center), vandals set fire to two dilapidated cars the Plaquemine Fire Department used for excavation practice during recent drills.

At another facility, vandals stole cameras and broke the antennas so they would not transmit.

“It’s pitiful … people don’t respect anything,” Reeves said.

He said he may consider charging the vandals restitution or require public service hours if they are arrested and convicted. “If we don’t do that, they’ll never learn,”  Reeves said.