Plaquemine water system withstands extreme cold

Staff Report

Plaquemine Mayor Edwin “Ed” Reeves Jr. and the Board of Selectmen breathed a sigh of relief when the City’s water system withstood the Arctic blast that swept through the area Christmas week.

Reeves and the Board of Selectmen extended thanks to the City's water system workers for keeping the City's water running through four days of extreme cold during the holidays.

Plaquemine Mayor Ed Reeves

Led by Utilities Director Travis Bourgoyne, the city never lost water pressure despite usage being very high. The City's Port Allen water system ran at capacity, pumping about 9 million gallons over the 4 days, while it normally pumps half that amount. And the City's Plaquemine plant pumped an extra 5 million gallons over the 4 days. Normally it is a reserve plant.

"We have reserve water in our tanks at all times, so even if we would have had a major fire, we could have handled it," Bourgoyne said.

The city had water system workers on duty at all times and got numerous calls from customers who needed their water cut off at the meter because they had frozen and busted pipes. The workers responded to those calls quickly. "Our crew did a great job keeping water going at a critical time. Our thanks to Travis and his crew," Reeves said.