Plaquemine's Krewe du Roi celebrates ‘Roi Fest’ at Mardi Gras ball

Special to The Post South

Le Krewe du Roi celebrated the food and fun of Louisiana with a theme of “Roi Fest: The Bounty of Louisiana” for its 58th annual Mardi Gras Ball Feb. 18 at the Carl F. Grant Civic Center in Plaquemine.

Madison Grace Schnebelen and Donnie Schnebelen.

Carrying out the theme was a ticket booth as well as Louisianian’s favorite festival food booths. Row houses were seen, but the real showstopper was the Southern style home for the Royalty and the court members.

The introduction of the 2022 royal court opened the tableau for the evening. The tableau began with the presentation of the 2023 ball captains, Corey and Kirsten Clebert and Jeffrey and Margo Rivet.

As the grand marshals of the festival, the ball captains welcomed the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of the krewe members to the festival. The children wore a variety of costumes representing the favorite foods found at festivals around Louisiana and welcomed everyone to enjoy the festivities of Roi Fest.

Corey Clebert, Kirsten Clebert, Margo Rivet and Jeffrey Rivet.

The children were Camille Alvarez, Max Alvarez, Wesley Barker, Charlie Bourgeois, Grant Boyd, Reese Comeaux, Louis Denoux, Madeleine Denoux, Hudson Doiron, Ruby Doiron, Collin Dupont, Riley’s Dupont, Kate Edwards, Chloe Guillory, Wesley Hebert, Kade Landry, Charlie Larpenteur, Mary Hardin Larpenteur, Ruthie Larpenteur, Lucia LeGrange, Elliott LoBue, Jackson LoBue, Caroline McGinnis, Olivia McGinnis, Kinslye Morales, Elwin Roy, Madden Olivier, Myles Olivier, Kannon Ourso, Guy Claire Palermo, Kate Palermo, Ruggiero, Jackson Ruggiero, Annalyse Son, Dunham Voorhies, Evelyn Voorhies, Parker Watson, Eliza Grace Wilbert and Gabrielle Wilbert.

Brody Rivet, Danae Brown, Annalysse Guillory, Patrick Bueche, Clarie Landry and Harris Cunningham.

Junior court couples were paired with a corresponding maid and duke for introductions.

The Duke and Maid court continued the festival theme with each couple representing a food and wearing its symbol. Appearing as the Oyster Duke was krewe member Hunter Schnebelen and Maid Ava Leger, daughter of Amanda and Ryan Voorhies, granddaughter of Sabrina and Guy Ruggiero, niece of Adriance and Dr. Gaetano “Trey” Ruggiero III.

Dr. Jason Cavalier, Isabella LoBue, Anna Catherine Bradford, Jacob Wilbert, Ava Leger, and Hunter Schnebelen.

The Oyster Junior Duke and Maid couple were Brody Rivet, son of Brettanye Michelle and the late Colt Rivet, grandson of Danielle and Thomas Prejean, Jr., great-grandson of Gwen and John Gum, Jr. and Danae Brown, granddaughter of Tammy and Huey Martinez, Jr., niece of Crystal and Wade Martinez Making their appearance as the Mallard Duck Duke was krewe member Randy Morales and Maid was Kassie Carville, daughter of Tina and Brian Carville.

Landon Martinez, Ellie Rivet, Camille Haydel, Jacob Bergeron, Karsyn Vadnais and Cooper Clebert.

The Mallard Duck Junior Duke and Maid couple were Landon Martinez, son of Crystal and Wade Martinez, grandson of Tammy and Huey Martinez, Jr. and Ellie Rivet, daughter of Margo and Jeffrey Rivet, niece of Tricia and William Vadnais. Sashaying in as the Shrimp Duke was krewe member Jacob Wilbert and Maid Anna Catherine Bradford, daughter of Amy and Jerry Bradford, granddaughter of Lee Ann and T.C. Howard, niece of Emily and Terry Bradford.

The Shrimp Junior Duke and Maid couple were Patrick Bueche, son of Kimberly and Gary Bueche, and Annalysse Guillory, daughter of Heidi and Leon Guillory.

Randy Morales, Kassie Carville, Kynleigh Rhymer, Albert Denoux, Lila Haydel and Ben Breaux

To keep the festival going, the grand marshals treated guests to a live dancing performance by the Soul Sisters, Claire Cunningham and Ella Grace Cunningham, nieces of Kirsten and Corey Clebert, daughters of Kynlee Jackson Cunningham and Rocky Cunningham, Jr. Claire is a member of the University of Louisiana Lafayette (ULL) Ragin Jazz dance team and Ella Grace is a member of the St. Joseph’s Academy Red Steppers and Tari’s senior dance competition team. Living it up as the Crawfish Duke was krewe member Albert Denoux and Maid Kynleigh Rhymer, daughter of Lori and William “Scott” Rhymer.

The Crawfish Junior Duke and Maid couple were Cooper Clebert, son of Kirsten and Corey Clebert, and Karsyn Vadnais, daughter of Henry and Trendy Vadnais, niece of Margo and Jeffrey Rivet, niece of Tricia and William Vadnais. Taking the stage as the Crab Duke was krewe member Dr. Jason Cavalier and Maid Isabella LoBue, daughter of Gina and Jarid LoBue, granddaughter of Linda and David LoBue, niece of Dena and Lane LoBue.

The Crab Junior Duke and Maid couple were Harris Cunningham, son of Kynlee Jackson Cunningham and Rocky Cunningham Jr., nephew of Kirsten and Corey Clebert, and Claire Landry, daughter of Kristi and Clint Landry. Crawling in as the Alligator Duke was krewe member Ben Breaux and Maid Lila Haydel, daughter of Susan and Jeffrey Haydel, niece of Janee’ and Daniel Durand.

The Alligator Junior Duke and Maid couple were Jacob Bergeron, son of Sheri and Tim Bergeron, grandson of Linda and Roy Zito, Jr., nephew of Toni and Jason McCarty and Camille Haydel, daughter of Susan and Jeffrey Haydel, niece of Janee’ and Daniel Durand. Following the presentation of the royal maids and dukes, King Roi LVIII and his Queen made their entrance on a float depicting the theme of the ball. They were led to their throne where their identities were revealed. Reigning as King Roi LVIII was Donnie Schnebelen. The Queen was Madison Claire Schnebelen, daughter of the King and Jerri Schnebelen.

The Queen was accompanied by Emily Rivet, daughter of Margo and Jeffrey Rivet, Audrey Bueche and Amelia Beuche, daughters of Kimberly and Gary Bueche, and Dallas Cox, daughter of Victoria and Cayne Cox.

The King was accompanied by Cole Patin, son of Amy and Tess Patin, Madden Olivier, son of Mallory and Ryan Olivier, Jaxon Reeves, son of Kari and Christopher Reeves, and Eli Barker, son of Heather and Jude Barker. After the royal toast, the King & Queen, Ball Captains and the royal court did a second line as their grand promenade around the Civic Center. Krewe members and their guests danced the night away to the sounds of Rouge Krewe.