Work slated to begin on upgrading City of Plaquemine sewer system

Staff Report

The City of Plaquemine will seek bids on much-needed sewer work, including conversion of a sewer plant that is sinking.

A $1.3 million low-interest loan from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals – at an interest rate of just .95 percent – will help the city get the wheels turning on the project, Mayor Edwin “Ed” Reeves said.

The plan calls for the city to eliminate the north Plaquemine sewer plant and convert it to a pump station.

The failing pump station, which was completed more than 50 years ago, is now sinking, he said.

Plaquemine Mayor Edwin "Ed" Reeves Jr.

“We got the grant, we put the bid out for pump, but we’re getting ready to get the right of way,” he said. “That sewer plant is in pretty bad shape.”

As part of the project, pipelines will run from the north pumping station near North Plaquemine Park to the pumping station on W.W. Harleaux Drive and connect to the city sewer plant on La. 1 on the south end of the city.

“There will be no interruption in services whatsoever,” Reeves said.

Bids will be open in March, and the mayor hopes to see the contract awarded by the end of April.

The state will forgive almost $300,000 of the loan.

In addition, plans are underway for the city to rehabilitate the Evangeline and West pump stations with COVID-19 state and local fiscal recovery money. The price tag on the project on the project is approximately $350,000. The plans for both projects have been underway for more than a year.