Plaquemine Public Works Director Richard Alleman continues recovery from stroke

Staff Report

Plaquemine Public Works Director Richard Alleman continues his road to recovery from a stroke he suffered in mid-January. 

Mayor Ed Reeves said he continues to visit Alleman daily and said he still has a sharp memory.

“I bring him up to speed on everything,” Reeves said. “In fact, we have Boogie on the Bayou coming up in April, and we asked him how much beer, soft drinks and water to order, and he just got the number like it was nothing.

Richard Alleman

“His mind is sharp as a tack, and he loves our city. He tells me that every time I see time when I go to see him … he’s looking forward to coming back.”

Alleman – who is undergoing therapy daily at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center – is gradually gaining movement in his legs, along with feeling in his arms, Reeves said.

Alleman said last Friday the cards, calls and well wishes from friends and colleagues have been a big help to him during his recovery.

“I really appreciate the thoughts, prayers and support people have shown me – it’s helping me a lot,” he told Post/South. “I love my city, and in my position, I help a lot of people and I want to help them more. “The whole time I’m here, I’m thinking about what can be done for my city,” he said. “As I said, I love my city.”