Busy summer ahead for local musicians

Staff Report

A Maringouin native and his two band mates may hum a classic Willie Nelson tune when summer rolls around.

Donald Millitello and fellow members Ricky Green and Chad Dupuy of “Loose Change” will be on the road again to perform at three NASCAR events.

The trio will head to Charlotte, N.C., on May 27 and follow with a show in Nashville on June 24.

Chad Dupuy, left, Donald Miletello and Ricky Green comprise the band ‘Loose Change,’ which will perform in Atlanta, Nashville and Savannah, Ga. this summer.

After a two-night gig at the Island Sports Bar in Savannah, Ga., they will do a return engagement at the NASCAR Quaker State 400 in Atlanta.

Last year’s shows in Savannah and Atlanta led to more NASCAR concerts, Millitello said, who began his career in 1957 as a member of The Falcons, a rhythm ’n’ blues and swamp/pop fusion band.

They recorded “High School Ring” on the SAL Records label, based in Maringouin, in 1964.

The record was featured in the “Downhome Music: Iberville and the Surrounding Parishes” Allen Kirkland created last year for the exhibit.

The Nashville event particularly excites Millitello.

“When we go to Nashville, the sponsor of that event is very involved with the music scene in Nashville, so they may want to promote us,” he said. “We’re getting exposure you get by being in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.”

The gigs keep the music career going for Militello, 73.

“When we went to Savannah, last July, we did a gig at a club, and it was a blues jam, and at the end of those gigs I had to show those guys my driver’s license,” he said. “They didn’t think I was that old.”

Millitello is the drummer for the group. He started playing at age 7.

Dupuy, who turns 50 this year, is lead vocalist and guitarist and plays bass and keyboard.

Dupuy, who grew up in White Castle, began performing before he finished high school.

Green, 66, lives in the Washington Parish town of Varnado. He is also a vocalist and plays the harmonica.

Part of the excitement that comes from the performances in front of thousands stems from music producers who often attend the shows.

“We’re very excited about this tour,” Millitello said. “It may lead to something better.”

The trio recorded the CD “Fun Stuff” last year.