Obama re-elected President

PETER SILAS PASQUA news@postsouth.com

Barack Obama (D) was re-elected to a second term as the President of the United States on Election Tuesday after capturing nearly every battleground state to claim 303 of the needed 270 electoral votes.

"We have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America, the best is yet to come," Obama said in a speech from his election party in Chicago.

Obama, of Illinois, won the popular vote of the 57th quadrennial presidential election as well with 60,113,856 votes or 50.3 percent to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) who finished with 57,424,191 votes or 48.1 percent.

Romney garnered 206 electoral votes with Florida's 29 votes still undecided.

Obama took the swing states of Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire with Romney only winning North Carolina. The President also won in Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Mexico, states where analysts thought Romney had a possibility.

"At a time like this, we can't risk partisan bickering," Romney said in his concession speech. "Our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work."

A Republican won Louisiana's electoral votes, six after reapportionment based on the 2010 census, for the fourth straight election as Romney received 1,152,460 votes for 57.81 percent to Obama's 808,496 ballots for 40.56 percent.

However, Obama carried Iberville Parish with 9,548 votes for 56.12 percent to Romney's 7,271 ballots for 42.74 percent.

Democrats regained control of the U.S. Senate but Republicans held on to a majority in the House of Representatives.

Incumbents William "Bill" Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge, and Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans, were re-elected to the House in the 6th and 2nd Congressional Districts. Cassidy garnered 243,594 votes for 79.40 percent and Richmond tallied 158,184 votes for 55.15 percent. Gary Landrieu, D-New Orleans, was Richmond's nearest challenger with 71,761 votes and 25.02 percent.

In Iberville, Landrieu garnered 3,811 votes for 39.06 percent compared to Richmond's 2,908 votes and 29.81 percent and 2,319 votes for 23.77 percent to Dwayne Bailey, R-Donaldsonville. Cassidy tallied 3,763 votes in the parish for 81.01 percent.

John Michael Guidry, D-Baton Rouge, and Jeff Hughes, R-Walker, will be in a runoff for Louisiana Supreme Court in District 5. Guidry garnered 93,117 votes for 27.47 percent and Hughes tallied 71,910 votes or 21.21 percent. Mary Olive Pierson, Jewel E. "Duke" Welch, Toni Manning Higginbotham and William "Bill" Morvant each received more than 10 percent of the vote. Guidry collected 5,887 votes in Iberville for 38.55 percent.

William C. Dupont, D-Plaquemine, and Mitch Theriot, R-Raceland, will also be in a runoff for 1st Circuit Court of Appeal, District 1, Division B. Dupont received 71,767 votes for 38.51 percent to Theriot's 62,730 votes for 33.66 percent. J. Christopher Erny also tallied 19.56 percent. Dupont collected 83.42 percent of the vote in Iberville with 12,708 ballots cast for him.

Scott A. Angelle, R-Breaux Bridge, was elected to the Public Service Commission with 213,322 votes for 57.23 percent ahead of Forest Wright with 20.46 percent. Angelle tallied 1,880 votes in Iberville to Wright's 972.

Katie Price Anderson (D) and Pauline D. "Polly" Higdon (R) will be in a run off for the District E School Board seat. Anderson took 615 votes and 49.28 percent to Higdon's 486 votes and 38.94 percent.

Darryl J. Crowson (N) was elected Justice of the Peace for Ward 4 with 1,356 votes for 52.78 percent ahead of Tommie Smothers' 708 votes for 27.56 percent.

Incumbents Michael D. Chauffe Sr. (D) and Lawrence "Football" Badeaux, Sr. (D) were re-elected as Mayor of the villages of Gross Tete and Rosedale, respectively. Chauffe tallied 319 votes for 75.41 percent compared to Julie Little Wessinger's 104 votes for 24.59 percent. Badeaux garnered 281 votes for 53.73 percent to Riley Blanchet's 242 for 46.27 percent.

Barbara "Jeanie" David (R), Marcus D. Hill (D) and Kyle Booksh (R) were elected as Aldermen in Grosse Tete. David tallied 244 votes, Hill 243 and Booksh 224 to edge out Barry Bayham's 214 votes.

Kevin Gantt (D) and John "Tim" Doiron (D) were elected Alderman for Rosedale in Division A and B, respectively. Gantt received 258 votes for 49.90 percent compared to Jeffery Hill and Kenneth J. Amedee's 25.92 and 24.18 percent and Doiron tallied 262 votes for 51.88 percent ahead of Randel "Panco" Badeaux's 243 votes for 48.12 percent.

Incumbents Ralph Stassi (D), Michael "Mickey" Rivet (D) and Jimmie "Fat Boy" Randle, Jr. (D) were each re-elected to the City of Plaquemine Boart of Selectmen in Districts III, IV and VI respectively.

Stassi gathered 426 votes for 70.41 percent ahead of Herbert Jefferson, Sr.'s 179 votes for 29.59 percent, Rivet tallied 501 votes for 85.79 percent ahead of Joseph "Joe" Crawford's 83 votes for 14.21 percent and Randle gained 490 votes for 69.80 percent ahead of Christopher "Gupper" Sims' 212 votes for 30.20 percent.

A local option on term limits for PW School District also passed with 10,890 votes and 76.14 percent.

Of the nine constitutional amendments on the ballot, eight passed including those for a Medicaid Trust Fund for the elderly (70.83 percent), gun rights (73.46 percent), public retirement systems notice (64.46 percent), tax relief for veteran's spouses (73.51 percent), forfeiture of retirement benefits for convicted felons (70.27 percent), membership on certain state boards (60.98 percent), property tax breaks for businesses (51.68 percent) and bills to create crime prevention districts (56.43 percent). Property tax exemptions in New Iberia failed with just 42.46 percent.