Incumbent Pam George goes unopposed for Iberville Parish school Board District C seat

Staff Report

Less than four months after her biggest victory as an Iberville Parish School Board member, Pam George scored another win.

George punched her ticket for four more years as the District C member on the School Board when she emerged as the only incumbent to go unopposed during the recent qualifying period for the Nov. 8 primary elections.

It marks the first time George has gone unopposed in three terms on the School Board.

Pam George

“The third time is the charm,” she said.

George, who represents the Grosse Tete/Rosedale/Maringouin area, led the effort to reopen North Iberville High School, which was shut down in 2009.

The move sparked her decision to challenge and ultimately defeat School Board member David “Worm” Daigle, who voted in favor of the closure.

George said she considered calling it quits after the current term. She said changed her mind after nobody else had qualified.

She will not have to knock on doors and post signs throughout her district now that she has gone unopposed, but George said plenty of items remain on her work list.

Part of that task will involve maintaining an active voice for the northern part of the parish regarding school board decisions.

“I’m hoping in the next four years we can continue to have equality across the parish, and also we want to see test scores come up for the parish,” she said.

While schools will welcome back students in a far more normal procedure than what the pandemic forced over the last two years, some areas still need work in the wake of the virtual learning that prevailed during shutdown.

Socialization has suffered, and school systems need to do everything possible to move students past the difficulties that came from off-campus learning.

“There’s such a disconnect since COVID-19, and our virtual school keeps increasing instead of decreasing, which I find a little scary,” George said. “I know it’s a good thing for people, but I believe kids need to interact with each other.

“I’m hoping this year we can be a little more active for the kids, like field trips, for example,” she said. “For the last three years, they haven’t been able to do anything fun, and I’m hoping we can go back to that because nobody likes to go back into an environment where nobody is happy.”

As for the return of North Iberville, the biggest adjustments will involve the determination the student population and the classes that will be offered.

The decision on which electives to offer will pose the biggest challenge during the first year North Iberville High is reopened, George said.

“Right now, we don’t know all that we’re getting,” she said. “I think everyone is doing a wonderful job of figuring it out, and we’ve had a lot of good meetings over the last days to put things in place.

“Once everyone saw what has happened on the football field, people have gotten excited,” George said. “Everybody is looking forward to the football games, seeing the lights on and seeing the parents come in.”