Iberville Parish voters approve all three state constitutional amendments

Staff Report

Voters in Iberville Parish followed suit with voters statewide on approving all three state constitutional amendment propositions.

On Amendment 1, which will require U.S. citizen ship to register and vote in Louisiana, 2,562 voters (70 percent) approved, while 1,106 (30 percent) opposed the measures

For Amendment 2, which will require Senate confirmation of gubernatorially appointed members of the State Civil Service commission, 2,473 voters (68 percent) favored the measure and 1,154 (32 percent) opposed it.

On Amendment 3, which will require Senate confirmation of certain members of the State Police Commission, 2,505 voters (68 percent) approved and 1,154 (32 percent) voted against it.

Statewide, Amendment 1 passed with 291,624 votes (75 percent), while 97,821 (25 percent) opposed.

Amendment 2 gained approval with 274,742 votes (71 percent) and 110,992 (29 percent) in opposition.

Amendment 3 passed with 278,772 votes (72 votes), while 107,108 (28 percent) opposed. Turnout was a meager 17.2 percent on Amendment 1 and 17 percent for the second and third proposal.