City of Plaquemine issues litter commercial challenge

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

The City of Plaquemine is taking its litter campaign directly to

Plaquemine¹s young people by holding the Litter Commercial Challenge to local students with a $500 prize for the winners.

Their challenge is to write, tape, edit and produce a 30-second commercial that deters teenagers and young adults from littering in Plaquemine.

The commercial cannot include any obscenity or foul language, and cannot defame any company.

The winning entry of the Litter Commercial Challenge will win a $500 Apple gift card, and the commercial will air on local cable TV.

 Entries must be submitted by January 25, 2013 to the office of Mayor Mark “Tony” Gulotta, 3rd floor, Plaquemine City Hall, Railroad Avenue.

For more information, contact the Mayor¹s Office at 687-3116 or check the city¹s website at