What's on my mind?

Tryve Brackin

Although retired, my mind stays active to sponge up a wide assortment of information, and would like to share.

…Highly recommend the Major League Baseball Cable station, not only for coverage of pro baseball, but for instruction for youth from former players on how to play the game correctly. Everything is covered from hitting styles, base running, playing various field positions, and pitching. Love the sport. Like comedian George Carlin once noted, the wonderful thing about the sport is you are always “Safe At Home”.

…The 1936 U. of Washington rowing team went to Nazi Germany and claimed the Olympic gold medal in the event, defying all expectations. A handpicked German team and a veteran Italian team (all working longshoremen) were the odds-on favorites, but a late burst by the Americans took the honors.

The American team was made up of farm boys and woodsmen who went off to college and were one of the greatest teamwork units in the history of Olympic sports. The man who built their boat was a sage. He inspired the team by telling them that working together as unit was one the closest things to perfection they would ever experience. And that would put them near to the divine.

...Watched the 1950s film “This is G.I. Joe” about World War II correspondent Ernie Pyle recently. Lead actor Robert Mitchum has a moment of clarity when he says: “Imagine if man used all the energy wasted in war to create a better life for mankind.” Sure wish the North Koreans would understand. And understand this: When it rains in their country, or the electric grid goes down, they blame it on the U.S. and South Korea. What a waste of energy for seven decades.

…Another film I watched recently was “ My Name is David”. It really warmed my heart. It is about a 12-year old boy who escapes a Communist prison camp a few years after WW II to make his way through parts of Europe to Denmark, where he finds his lost mother. It reminded me of a very haunting book I read a number of years ago about a young boy on his own in Europe during the war. Highly honored writer Jerzy Kosinski’s book “The Painted Bird” is more horrifying, yet is a gripping read. “My Name is David” is a far more endearing a story.

…I am concerned about possible cuts to education in the upcoming state legislature. I suggest to parents to allow your children to watch public television (LPB) as a source of education and arts. My favorite historian Ken Burns has a series coming up this Fall on the Vietnam War. Have enjoyed a variety of shows from PBS on LPB from American Experience to American Epic to local LPB Louisiana productions to the great guitarist/vocalist Joe Bonamassa to Nova and Nature.

There is a wealth of education for our youth on the programing, much less for adults like me. Watch and learn.

…Even some TV commercials are food for thought, though most are moronic. Example: “Time is our least useable commodity”, a phrase created for TV for an investment company. How true. TIME is the very thing most sought after by the geniuses of mankind as they search the cosmos. I think the fact we live such a short span of time (in relationship to the expanse) has made man creativity and very productive.  Use YOUR TIME to be kind and productive and pray. Don’t narrow yourself into one or two activities. Always explore.

…Heavy rains, storms, and yet drought in other areas of the country…and, yes, the rising oceans, the melting polar ice, the dying of coral reefs. Pay attention and do what you can. Don’t stay idle and think it is all in God’s hands. It is in our collective hands, and hopefully we are blessed by God to work to make it a better future for our children. And folks, all this blarney about living on Mars in a hundred years…work to make the earth safe. Use your common sense.

Sorry to be so preachy, but this is what I think about these days and you should too.

 …White Castle High gridiron/hoop standout Columbus Willis is now at Alcorn State on a football scholarship as a freshman; while former Plaquemine High standout Jodeci Harris is set to start his second season as a starter on the Southern University offensive line.