Letter to the Editor: Iberville Patriotism

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

After the date of the dedication and hoisting of our giant American Flag was announced, I knew this celebration would be my destination. I wanted to be a participant in this historic event.

In his address, Parish President Mitchell Ourso was quoted as saying "We dedicate this gigantic flag to honor all our veterans and to show the world we in Iberville Parish are proud to be Americans."

I am amazed at several things. You had to be in attendance at the dedication and then hoisting of this mammoth flag to understand its significance. Just to see pictures or television videos is not the same.

It is Niagara Falls, you have to see it in person to believe it and to understand its magnificence. I had the privilege of touching the waters of Niagara Falls.

I am also amazed and awed by the dozens of volunteers (who were never in military service) who all- year take time to honor, support and celebrate the Veterans of Iberville Parish.

Our greatest supporter of our veterans is Parish President Mitchell Ourso (who does not have a military background). He is the founder of the premier parish celebration: the annual Veterans Day celebration.

Our parish president, along with our parish council members were successful in securing the fund for our beautiful Iberville Parish Veterans Memorial. It is probably unrivaled in the State of Louisiana.

Recently, soldiers with the Louisiana Army National Guard's 832nd Engineer Detachment, 528th Engineer Battalion, based in Plaquemine were honored during a re-deployment ceremony.

Pictures in the Plaquemine Post South show families and friends bidding their loved ones goodbye. Let us always remember that the moms and dads and the children that are left behind, they are serving our country, too.

It should be noted that during each year many other ceremonies honor our veterans and active members of the military.

When the Iberville Parish Veterans Memorial was dedicated, who can forget the two M-15 jet fighters screaming across railroad avenue at 300 feet during the national anthem?

I am writing this letter from the perspective that I am a veteran myself. I have written before that we do not wish to be honored or celebrated. We were just doing our job.

God Bless America

Joe Guilbeau

U.S. Navy Veteran