Letter to the Editor: Mayor thanks community for supporting holiday event

Plaquemine Post South

Dear Editor,

The City of Plaquemine had a great crowd of about 4,000 people in the Tony Gulotta Bayou Waterfront Park and the Community Center for its 21st annual July Fourth Hometown Celebration. We had a few thousand more watching the fireworks display from outside the park. We thank everyone who attended.

We want to extend our thanks to the many companies, volunteers and workers who make this event possible. Without them, the City of Plaquemine would not be able to stage a grand July Fourth event.

Plaquemine Mayor Ed Reeves

Special thanks to our sponsors: Shintech, SMF Flopam, Turner Industries, PSC Group, A. Wilbert's Sons, Axiall-Westlake, Citizens Bank & Trust, Essential Federal Credit Union, First Bank, Plaquemine Bank & Trust, Sheriff Brett Stassi, State Rep. Chad Brown, and Wilbert's Funeral Home.

Special thanks also to our event coordinator, Lorraine Hidalgo, who has done a great job heading this event for the past 21 years! And thanks to the volunteers: Michelle Sharon, Bobby Blanchard, Jeff Sharon, Kim Marcantel, David Marcantel, Tyla LoBue, Joanne Landry, Paula Adams, Belinda Buquoi, Wayne Fourroux, Brenda Babin, Jean Hebert, and Carson Weber. A number of volunteers have assisted with this event for many years, and it would not be possible without their help!

Finally, thanks to the Plaquemine Police Department, Plaquemine Fire Department, Iberville Sheriff’s Office, Ralph Comeaux Jr. and the Plaquemine Knights of Columbus Council 970 Corp. for the fantastic fireworks show, the Iberville Parish Council, and all City of Plaquemine workers for their help throughout this great event!

Events such as this are important to our community, but require a great deal of work and expense. I extend my sincere thanks, and the thanks of the City of Plaquemine, to all of these companies, agencies, volunteers and workers! You helped make this popular community event a real success for our city and a great way for people to celebrate our country on July 4th.

Mayor Edwin “Ed” Reeves Jr., City of Plaquemine