Letter: Former Gov. Buddy Roemer was true spokesman of the people

John M. Odom
Letter to the Editor

Several years ago, while working with Buddy Roemer on a project, we were driving to New Orleans from Baton Rouge. 

I asked him how he felt about politics after having been in Congress and serving as governor. His reply was, "I loved the public service aspect but hated the politics." He then added, "There is no way a person can make a lot of money serving as a U.S. representative without doing something dishonest. It cost so much to maintain two residences and travel back and forth between D. C. and your home district, one cannot make a lot of money being a Congressman." 

I asked if, while he was governor, he got any any interference from the Edwin Edwards Group. His reply was: "Every day."

If you happened to watch the C-SPAN interview with Roemer when he reluctantly agreed to enter the primaries in the 2016 presidential elections, you saw what a true spokesman of the people sounds like. He is a Louisiana treasure and will be missed by many.

John M. Odom