Annette Stassi - Enthusiasm, charm key qualities for this year's Acadian Festival Evangeline

Annette Stassi

Caroline Antoinette "Annette" Stassi is this year's International Acadian Festival Evangeline. She was crowned as queen of the festival earlier this month.

She is currently making plans for an annual Knights of Columbus sponsored visit to St. Martinville to see the meeting place of Evangeline and Gabriel of Longfellow's poem and meet that city's dignitaries.

No matter where Annette has gone, and will go, over the next year representing the KCs' festival, she will bring with her loads of enthusiasm and charm.

Annette is totally involved with her school activities as a senior at St. John High in Plaquemine. She made have to add Evangeline appearances to her involvement, but that is something the charming, young lady can handle.

During the October 2011 Sheriff's election she campaigned for her dad. "I am his biggest fan," said Evangeline about her dad, the elected Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi.

"I learned a lot during the election and expect to learn a lot and mature as a person representing as Evangeline," commented Stassi in late September.

Annette said serving as Evangeline has special meaning to her because her mother Caroline Engolio Stassi was the 1979 Evangeline, while her Godmother and Aunt Kathryn Engolio Campesi was Evangeline in 1973. "It will be an honor to follow them," she said.

"I really want to represent the parish and the city in the best of light. I love Plaquemine. I love it so much that when I go on trips I can't wait to get home. I go to a great school, have a great family, and great friends, all in Plaquemine. When driving home from a trip I see St. John (the Evangelist Catholic) Church, the Lock, the waterfront park, and the museum and I get a very happy feeling, knowing I am home again." said Stassi.

The new Evangeline says she is looking forward to a wonderful year as an active senior at SJHS. She is a member of the Student Council, the Key Club, the Science Club, and is a cheerleader as well as a member of the volleyball and basketball teams. "I really enjoy the company of my teammates on cheer team and the sports teams. We all get along very well. I get very excited about school events and have a lot of spirit. I plan to be extra busy with my Evangeline duties, but I see myself being just as interested and spirited doing that," noted Annette.

Stassi used the word "love" to describe everything that makes up her life. Her cheeriness, charm, and positive attitude about everything she does went a long way to get her selected Evangeline.

Mickey Rivet, Coordinator of the Evangeline program for the Knights of Columbus Council 970, says Annette is one of the most outgoing and enthusiastic Evangelines he has met down through the years. "She loves to have fun and is quite a character. She certainly is spirited in everything she does," commented Rivet, adding, "she gets a lot of love and support from her parents and gets a lot of that personality from her mother Caroline."