Former WCHS coach Dominique returns to head coaching

Tryve Brackin Guest writer-former POST editor
Former WCHS Ferrante Dominique recently accepted a head coaching position at South Plaquemines High.

Former Iberville Parish coach/administrator Ferrante Dominique made recent news. 

Dominique became the highest achieving of Iberville prep football coach over last four decades by leading the White Castle High team to the 2010 state Class 1-A championship. Last week he pushed on his career in education by returning to a head grid coaching position. He picked a good one.

The former parish coach will take over the grid program at Class 2A South Plaquemines High. The public school, located south of New Orleans, is a consolidation of Class 1-A Port Sulphur, Bootheville-Venice, and Buras high schools. Both Port Sulphur High and Boothville-Venice had multiple winning seasons had legendary runs into the state 1-A playoffs for several football seasons. Buras High managed a blip every once in a while in the playoffs as well.

“I want to thank God in every way for giving me this opportunity to coach at this beautiful school facility and grant me a wonderful association with some good people, who already have been very generous and kind to me,” commented Dominique this week.

The new consolidated area school continues a winning tradition in the southern parish. South Plaquemines High has been consistently in the state playoffs since opening its doors, including back-top-back titles. The SPHS Hurricanes did so during the very time period Dominique was building WCHS’ title march.

Ferrante played prep ball at both Ascension Catholic and later White Castle High. He began his coaching career at the latter school and helped put the Bulldogs back in the spotlight of parish sports.

“Funny thing…I played my last football games at both Ascension Catholic and then White Castle against Boothville-Venice and Port Sulphur,” noted the new Hurricane coach. 

When Dominique took the reigns at White Castle in the late-2000s, his Bulldog teams increased in wins each season over a four-year time period. By the 2008 season, Dominique’s teams were beginning to show flashes of a huge multi-victory run.

Prior to the banner 2010 run, the Bulldogs featured a hard-nose playing style. Jyrus Edwards was the feature back and did such a good job of it that he led 1-A rushing title and the Bulldogs moved deep into the playoffs. Edwards moved on to be the feature RB in a handful of highly successful UL Monroe Warhawk football seasons.

The foundation development hit its high point in 2010. And Dominique was confident enough to talk a potential title as early as the preseason. He studied the level of upcoming competition after a couple of playoff runs and compared it to what he had on his summer depth chart and beamed with confidence all the way to the Superdome and the state title.  The Bulldogs had a superior defense with great quickness and an offensive line that gave great skill position players extra room to mount up yardage and points. Defensive back/quarterback Ronald Martin went on to start in the LSU Tiger secondary, and Southern Miss/Southern U. RB Tyree Bracken, were high profile players off the 2010 title club, but several other members went on to college-level play.

No doubt Dominique sees potential for growth in football at South Plaquemines, despite a slight dip in achievement only recently. The school has pristine facilities to go with several playoff runs and two championship seven years ago. The parish also has a solid tradition of community backing for its athletic program.

Dominique resigned from Peabody High School in Pineville, La. last week. The move to a position in administration, as well as coaching as an assistant in both boy and girl sports, marked his return back to education. 

After leading the Bulldogs to the only state football title run for any of the parish school in four decades, Dominique went into administration in the parish. He then left the school system and concentrated on Christian ministry before heading to Pineville.

St. John High came the closest to matching White Castle’s title. The Eagles were twice a state runner-up and had a similar long run in the postseason. And in recent seasons the Plaquemine High Green Devils and WCHS Bulldogs have both made impressive runs into the state playoffs.